I Have My CDL, Now What? Tips For Surviving The First Six Months Of Your First Job

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It took months of studying, tests and practice time behind the wheel, but you've finally graduated from truck driving school and are starting your new job. You've gotten plenty of advice from instructors and your peers, but aren't really sure what you're doing, or how to survive life on-the-road. Don't fall victim to many of the pitfalls and disasters other OTR rookies face and instead, here are a few tips to help you survive the first six months in your new career:

19 January 2015

How To Know When Your Unloader Valve Fails And How To Replace It


Pressure pumps are complex, precise pieces of equipment, and they require routine maintenance and replacement of parts as they wear over time. One such part is the unloader valve; this component is vital for the proper operation of pumps that supply pressurized water on a demand basis. If you have a pump system that is malfunctioning, one place you should check for trouble is the unloader valve. Here is more information about how to diagnose problems with unloader valves and how to replace them should they fail:

5 January 2015