Schedule A High-Mileage Oil Change On Time

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Bringing a car to an auto service center for an oil change stands as standard maintenance that many owners take seriously. Most realize that putting fresh motor oil inside the vehicle lubricates the parts and improves performance. Even fuel efficiency might improve significantly upon removing old, dirty oil, which could be an appreciated cost-saving strategy. However, some owners might take time to change their vehicle's oil. Someone who owns a high-mileage second car may not think they need to worry as much. The vehicle's low resale value and infrequent driving sessions might influence someone not to worry about changing the oil timely. These owners might need to realize that regular oil changes could further preserve the vehicle's lifespan.

Oil and Lifespan

Old motor oil circulating through an engine won't work as efficiently as fresh oil. The reduced efficiency could lead to expedited wear and tear of engine parts and components. Another issue to contend with involves the sludge and impurity buildups inside the engine that may put stress on it. These problems may decrease the vehicle's lifespan, and anyone who relies on a second car for certain tasks, such as using a pickup truck for occasional commercial purposes, might find themselves forced to buy another vehicle ahead of schedule when the current model expires.

Oil Changes and Opportunities

When a car's owner brings the vehicle to a service center for an oil change, an opportunity presents itself: the owner can request a multipoint inspection. The appointment also opens doors to bundle additional services, such as tire rotations and battery inspections. A technician might uncover other problems needing attention, and a high-mileage vehicle may suffer from wear-and-tear or age-related issues requiring attention. Bringing a car to the service center for an oil change three or six months late could result in driving a vehicle with transmission-related or other undiagnosed troubles. Not catching these problems earlier might leave the driver with a mechanical breakdown and a totaled car. The driver may risk getting into an accident when driving a car with mechanical issues.

Getting the Right Oil

Booking a timely oil change for a high-mileage vehicle may result in getting the proper motor oil into the engine. A service technician could recommend high-mileage motor oil designed for vehicles sporting high odometer numbers. Preserving an older vehicle involves taking care of it, including using motor oil that may slow down the engine's decline. 

For more info about oil changes, contact a local professional. 


15 June 2023

Emergency Car Care for Young People

When my daughter packed up and left for college, I worried that her car would get her from point A to point B with some sort of problem. I was right to worry. Her car ended up at a mechanic's shop miles from home with extensive repair work needed. Even though the car was fixed promptly and she arrived at her destination on time, I was worried. After that, I created a blog for other young people who are faced with car problems while traveling. My daughter didn't even know how to change a tire! With the research I compiled and a little practice, she can now change her tire and more.